Ruti Asis

Art in Israel - The Personal Touch
Art in Israel - The Personal Touch Curator: Bekha Shumar Zitzik
Remarks: Launching of the book and exhibition
Photograph on Painting/Painting on Photograph 17.09.09- 10.10.09
Photograph on Painting/Painting on Photograph Location: Paris - the "Gallery of the Future", located in the 2nd Quarter, The Givatayim Theater Gallery
Curator: Doron Polack/Iris Elhanan
Remarks: Group Exhibition
Creating Art 12.07.09-22.08.09
Creating ArtCreating ArtCreating Art Location: The Petach Tikva Cultural Center
Curator: Yossi Mark
Remarks: Group Exhibition
The Joy of Life 17.08.09-29.08.09
Location: The Gallery on the Lake
Curator: Doron Pollack
Remarks: Ruti Assis hosts 3 artists
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Worlds 09.07.09-23.07.09
WorldsWorlds Location: The Castra Art Center - Haifa
Curator: Kev Kiperman. I.C.U The International Cultural Union
Remarks: Group Exhibition
The Art and Creative Circles Exhibition - Beth Halochem, Tel Aviv 05.07.07-21.07.07
Location: Beth Halochem - Tel Aviv
Curator: Galit Semel
Remarks: Group Exhibition
Painting Tomorrow
Painting TomorrowPainting TomorrowPainting Tomorrow 28.06.09-02.07.09 The Castra Art Center - Haifa
25.06.09-19.06.09 Tel Aviv Port
Curator: plus production
Remarks: Group Exhibition
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Artists Create Tel Aviv-Jaffa Centenary 23.05.2009
Artists Create Tel Aviv-Jaffa CentenaryArtists Create Tel Aviv-Jaffa Centenary Location: The Anav Culture Center - Tel Aviv
Curator: Curator Moshe Mikki Kahane Art crtic - Dr. Dalia Haker-Orion
Remarks: Group Exhibition
Signed in Green 03.04.09-01.05.09
Signed in GreenSigned in GreenSigned in GreenSigned in Green Location: Tel Aviv Port
Curator: Iris Elhanani
Remarks: Group Exhibition
Hues and Dreams 27.11.06-10.12.06
Location: Beth Halochem Tel Aviv
Remarks: Solo Exhibition
Gallery 2006-2007
Gallery 2006
Gallery Location: Tirosh Israeli and International Art Gallery - Herzlia Pituah
Remarks: Sale of 120 Israeli and International artists - Part B- 15.07.2006.
Sale of 118 Israeli and International artists - Part B - 28.01.2006 at 20:00
Hues and Dreams 06.06
Hues and DreamsHues and Dreams Location: The Elkana Public Library
Remarks: Solo Exhibition
In My Beloved Land 08.12.04-9.01.05
Location: The Gallery of Jewish Art at the Etzion School Kefar Saba - Sponsored by the Kefar Saba Municipality
Curator: Tsippi Kamer
Remarks: Group Exhibition
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Roofwetting at the Artists' House - Ariel 02.95
Roofwetting  at the Artists' House - Ariel Location: The Artists' House in Ariel and District
Remarks: Group Exhibition
Location: Yad Lebanim - Rishon Lezion
Remarks: Group Exhibition
The Late Adam Bikerman and his Students 03.09
Location: Beth Zerrubabel - The Academy for Researching the Love of Zion - Sponsored by the Rishon Lezion Municipality
Remarks: Group Exhibition
Art projects

Signed in GreenSigned in GreenSigned in Green

Signed in Green 03.04.09-01.05.09
Location: Tel Aviv Port Happening
Remarks: Iris Elhanani
Painting TomorrowPainting TomorrowPainting Tomorrow

Painting Tomorrow
Location: 25.06.09-19.06.09 Happening at the Tel Aviv Port
Remarks: Plus Production
Location: 28.06.09-02.07.09 Alrov Promenade. Mamila Bvd Jerusalem
Remarks: Plus Production
The artistic project is a happening - An artistic event over a broad area in the Tel Aviv Port, with the goal of supporting and raising money for the Menachem Memorial Association as a part of the association's activities for pediatric cancer patients and their families. 180 artists from various fields of art were invited to participate in the project in order to create and donate their personal works on a row of identical tables spread around the Tel Aviv Port. Each artist painted on his own personal table and all the artists executed the activities simulataneously in front of the public and included children from the association and their families.
The Hazon Patya Project 03.08.09-15.08.09
Location: The Hotzot Hayotzer Fair - Jerusalem
Remarks: Prof. Habiba Padya
At the Hutzot Hayotzer Fair in Jerusalem - Works that artists donate for Hazon are also presented. The artistic works will be duplicated on postcards for the general public and for the benefit of the creative rehabilitation community, Hazon. The works will be presented in an artisitc catalogue to be issued for the event and will then be exhibited at exhibitions in cooperation with art institutions. The subjects for the postcard project are: To my mother, Happy New Year and Just Postcards.